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May - November 2024

A yacht charter is an opportunity to find our way back to the world again; a chance to reflect on what has passed and reset ahead of what is to come. Yachts are not only one of the most joyful places but also one of the safest in these special times. This Curated Luxury Experience is your chance to escape the pressures of the pandemic and indulge in a luxury getaway. 



DESTINATION: Mediterranean


PERIOD: May - November 2024


DURATION: 7 days


YACHT SIZE: 33 meter (upgrade possible)


GUESTS: up to 10


  • Private Jet transfer from your hometown in europe (worldwide on application) to the airport in Cannes (CEQ)

  • Helicopter shuttle from the airport in Cannes to the helipad on the yacht (or at a landing spot nearby)

  • Your preferred Superyacht from our Yacht Collection (33 Meter DECEMBER SIX included - upgrade possible)

  • Daily gourmet lunch and dinner created by your private chef according your preferences and served on the yacht

  • Wifi connection on the yacht to stay in touch with your loved ones

  • A personal trainer and/or medical doctor on the yacht to stay in good health everyday

  • Helicopter shuttle from the helipad on the yacht (or a landing spot nearby) to the airport in Cannes

  • Private Jet transfer to the airport in Cannes (CEQ) to your hometown in europe (worldwide travels on application)

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